hey there.

I'm Jess, the girl behind the crop top band.  I'm assuming you'd like to know how my crop top band came to be, since you are after all on my about me page! Wink! Well I’d love to tell ya.

Crop tops, ah yes, crop tops.  The latest craze in the fashion industry | everywhere | every store | every body, literally.  And I’m not mad about it.  I love a good crop top just like the next girl.  But I’m assuming a lot you, as do I, currently own a lot tops that are not crop tops. Full length lets call em. Yeah? Yeah.  And I don’t want to get rid of these tops and fill my closet with trendy crop tops, at least not a full wardrobe overhaul.  I paid good money for some of these full length tops and wearing them full length is still appealing to me.  So I had to figure out a solution and not head straight for the scissors. How can I wear my current tops and still feel trendy in this midriff obsessed season we are all finding ourselves in?  Insert: the crop top band

A 2in wide soft jacquard elastic band that fits snug around your upper waist allowing you to turn any top into a crop top.  COMMITMENT FREE CROP | ANY TOP is my motto.  I can wear my button down to the office but crop it on my way to happy hour. I can wear my t-shirt with boyfriend jeans to the grocery store but crop it, throw on some heels and I’m ready for a date night. I can wear my baggy sweater with biker shorts during that week of the month but crop it during the other 3.  Versatility is the name of this game.

And if you can relate to any portion of my thought process, you are going to love the crop top band.  No need for cutting | no need to replace all your full length tops with crop tops.  Get creative | Shop now.

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